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The Importance of Dust Collectors

In certain industries the air you and your employees breathe in on a daily basis can be compromised. Dust collectors remove contaminants from the air, providing cleaner air, which can provide numerous benefits.

The Benefit of Buying a Dust Collector Built in the USA

There are many different reasons for choosing to buy American-made products, including Dust Collectors. US jobs, less carbon footprint, less pollution, and quality. One of the main reasons for a dust collector is TIME.

Is your facility ready for the new OSHA rules? Learn how a Dust Collector can help!

OSHA is now changing their silica dust regulations, which involves reducing the permissible exposure limit to crystalline silicone. Will this affect your facility?

What Type of Fan Should I Be Considering for my Dust Collection System?

Find out the different types of popular fans used in dust collectors and how the A.C.T. Dust Collectors team can help you with choosing the correct fan for your application.

How Do Pulse Clean Systems Work?

Find out how a reverse pulse filter cleaning system works.

Why Is My Dust Collector Not Performing Properly?

Is your dust collector not working properly? Find out some reasons why it may not be performing as designed and what you can do about it.