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Plant Expanding?  Replacing old dust collector?  Getting into compliance?  Cleaning up your work environment?  Fixing insufficient capacity?  Installing new machinery?

If you answered “YES” to any of those, A.C.T. Dust Collectors offer you a solution.

Culminating more than 20 years of experience with industrial dust collectors, in nearly every brand, we would love the chance to show you why we have established a reputation as the highest value in the industry! 

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How did we get here?

1980’s:  Air Cleaning Technologies was born, and found success in the commercial arena selling smoke/fume/mist filtration. 

1990’s:  Air Cleaning Technologies added to the portfolio an industrial line of equipment, becoming manufacturer’s representative for various lines of dust collection equipment.   We began to stock, service, rebuild and re-sell used dust collectors.

Equipment FOUR All Layers 2020 WIDE2000’s:  Air Cleaning Technologies, becoming known as A.C.T. Dust Collectors, concluded that we could do better for our customers.  Years of extensive market research ensued.  We studied thousands of applications, dust collectors in the field, and rebuilt every component in our shop of many other manufacturer’s equipment.  

2005:  A.C.T Dust Collectors realized that no dust collector had every feature required to meet our expectations, and many of our customers agreed it was time to fix this.  With our knowledge and experience, we set out to build our own.

2007: Plymouth, Minnesota, USA:   A.C.T. Dust Collectors officially began production, starting with a basic line of cartridge-type dust collectors that began to capture our vision of the Highest Value Dust Collector on the market. 

Our brand pillars were established around:

  • Superior Product Quality:  metal thickness, fit and finish, consistency
  • Rapid, Safe, Efficient Maintenance:  The ACTion-Lock filter door, exterior filter rail supports, and inclined filter angle all contributed to the best design in the industry.
  • Better Collector & Lower Price:  Streamlining R&D, manufacturing, assembly, and logistics allow us to offer more dust collector for less money.

2013:  A.C.T. Dust Collectors began research and development of our TLM Series Baghouse Dust Collection System, and initiated plans for a decade of product line expansion!

TODAY:  As we continue to forge partnerships through international representation, our supply chain, manufacturing and assembly facilities, A.C.T. Dust Collectors have grown consistently.  Products now include numerous exclusive features - only to be found on ACT dust collectors.  Millions of cfm go through operating ACT Dust Collectors worldwide, every day…



We manufacture new industrial dust collection systems, proudly made in the USA.  Our technicians and quality control teams ensure every single A.C.T. Dust Collector is up to our standards before stamping our serial number on it. 

In-house Engineering Staff can assist with applications questions, drawings, layout, and product customizations.  Regional Sales Engineers can offer the best support to your specific inquiries.  Our Preferred Vendor Structure offers installation and service on all of our equipment. 

Our goal is perfection: proving complete satisfaction and excellent value to all our customers.  We've got the experience and history to handle the most demanding applications.  Correctly.  Efficiently.  On Time.  Below Budget.

Contact us about your dust collection system needs, today!

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