5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Weld Smoke & Fume Collector

Fume Collector Outside of North Dakota FacilityWeld smoke and fumes are a leading source of air contamination and must be captured. But as challenging as it is to capture smoke and fumes from welding applications, it can be just as difficult to find a weld smoke and fume collector to fit your manufacturing environment.

Choosing the right welding fume collector is an important long-term decision. Not only do industrial dust collectors clear the air, but they also improve employee efficiency, increase employee retention, help ensure a safe working environment and reduce equipment maintenance costs. This means keeping your facility clean can be good for your bottom line. With this in mind, consider these five things when shopping for the right weld smoke and fume collector.


The first purpose of a dust collection system is safety. Even something as simple as reduced visibility can be a problem. Dust collection systems help keep the air clean so employees can work effectively.


The excess material produced in welding and other industrial processes can cause wear and tear. It is important to consider what the weld dust collection system is built out of and if it is strong enough to endure the elements. The dust collector needs to be high quality and industrial grade to with stand the tough, industrial environment it will be used in. Heavily constructed steel dust collection systems are the way to go for weld and fume applications. How the system is designed and built can also influence the level of quality of the dust collector.

Filter Media

When comparing dust collector filters, you will come across Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) and see different MERV ratings. Filter efficiency is tested through six measured dust loads on particulate in the size range of .3 to 10 microns.

The higher the MERV rating, the more effective the filter is at trapping sub-micron particulate. Lower-quality filters, in the 1-4 MERV range, are typically made of fiberglass. Most residential HVAC systems will use air filters with MERV ratings from 7-12. A higher MERV filter rating of 12-16 would be recommended for commercial buildings and industrial needs.

Cost of Consumables

It’s important to consider more than just the welding dust collector price. When evaluating dust control options, consider the cost of consumables. Expenses associated with this may include:

  • Replacing filter cartridges
  • Delivery cost for replacement parts
  • Labor cost to switch out parts
  • Cost of maintaining inventory (to eliminate downtime while waiting for replacement parts)
  • Lost production while replacing parts

To minimize the cost of consumables, the most important things to consider are the life cycle and efficiency of components. Simply put, the longer the lifespan of a part, the less frequently it will need to be replaced. Look for equipment with high-quality, efficient filters and components with a warranty to back up quality standards.


Downtime to perform maintenance or switch out a part equates to labor cost, so consider equipment that is of high quality that won’t need excessive maintenance beyond the typical filter change-outs and cleaning operations. By reducing the frequency of part replacement, saves both time and money.

When looking to purchase a dust collector, consider the work it takes to perform a standard filter change out. How hard is this process and how long will it take? Some systems require entering the dust collector to change the filters, while on other systems a filter change out can be completed with no entry to the collector.  Also, something as simple as the removal of a filter door can require much more work on some systems than others.

This is another reason why part quality and long service life are paramount to cost-saving. This should also be considered when buying the dust collector. Lower air-to-cloth ratios will result in better filter life, lower electrical consumption and fewer disposal costs.

Find the Right Welding Fume Collector for Your Manufacturing Environment

Every industrial dust collector A.C.T. Dust Collectors manufactures comes standard with high-efficiency Nano-Elite cartridge filters that feature a MERV 15 efficiency rating for effective collection of extremely fine dust, smoke and fume — capturing 99.99% of particulate from the air.

Designed with quality, value and simplified maintenance in mind, quick-lock, easy-access filter doors and downward flow technology are exclusive features that allow for easy access and fast filter replacements and greatly reduce downtime.

Does your company have a welding or cutting application that desperately needs a welding fume collector? Contact us today. We will help you select the right system for your needs, much like we did for this one company in North Carolina.

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