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Avoiding Dust Collector Fires

Dust collector fires appear in the news frequently; ACT Dust Collectors doesn’t want you to become the next headline!

The Benefit of Buying a Dust Collector Built in the USA

There are many different reasons for choosing to buy American-made products, including Dust Collectors. US jobs, less carbon footprint, less pollution, and quality. One of the main reasons for a dust collector is TIME.

Is Your Facility Ready for the New OSHA Rules?

New regulations regarding dust

What Type of Fan Should I Choose for my Dust Collection System?

There are many options to consider when choosing a fan for your new dust collection system. The most commonly used fans in dust collectors are the Radial blade fan, the BI (backward inclined) fan, the BC (backward curved) fan and the airfoil fan. Each fan wheel has its own characteristics and performance limitations. 

How Do Pulse Clean Systems Work?

A reverse pulse (often called a pulse jet or reverse jet) filter cleaning system is a simple action that has significant results.  A simple explanation of a reverse pulse filter cleaning system is as follows: in normal dust collector operation, air flows from the outside of the filter media to the center of the filter.  The dust is filtered out and left on the outside surface...

Why Is My Dust Collector Not Performing Properly?

Why is my dust collector not performing properly? It could be as simple as the system is undersized, you have added process equipment as your business grows and the existing system will not handle it. This is just one example, there are many reasons why your system may not be performing as designed.