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How To Manage Dust in Your Manufacturing Facility

A successful work environment is not only achieved through high-quality performance but even more importantly — through high-quality working conditions. For those industries that produce dust and other dirty and unwanted particulates, from metalworking to sandblasting and more, the output that results from the manufacturing process can be harmful to employees if not properly...

Most Common Types of Cartridge Industrial Dust Collector Filters

We can’t reiterate enough just how important industrial dust collection systems are across a variety of industries. A big part of what makes these systems so efficient and high-performing for the health and safety of employees is the filter.

Troubleshooting Guide for Five Common Dust Collector Problems

The purpose of an industrial dust collector is to create a more efficient operating process and a safer space to work. And while this is true for any organization who installs one, there’s always the possibility of a malfunction or inefficiency taking place. When that happens, you need a dust collector troubleshooting guide. At A.C.T. Dust Collectors, it’s our goal to respond...

Dust Collectors Designed for Abrasive Blasting

Dust collection is important no matter the industry – but one specific type of dust that requires extra attention is abrasive blasting. Properly collecting dust from abrasive blasting and sandblasting ensures health and safety for personnel and efficient operations.

What Is a MERV Rating and Why Is It Important?

Filters are instrumental to the performance of your dust collection system. Using the wrong filter type can result in an inefficient dust collector, which is why using the right filter matters. The first step in determining which type of filter you should be using comes down to the application. When comparing dust collector filters, you will come across a number called the...

Stop exhausting air from your building and blowing your natural gas budget!

In 2021 natural gas prices spiked across much of the United States, leaving customers with costly energy bills. In many states, natural gas prices have more than doubled, leaving consumers and businesses alike worried about heating costs throughout the winter months. As manufacturing businesses can relate, saving precious dollars on energy costs is extremely important. If your...

What Size Dust Collector Do You Need?

Industrial dust collection systems are essential to many types of industries. They ensure workplace environments are safe and operate efficiently. But how do you determine what size dust collector is right for your industry? And is your current dust collector the size that it should be?

How to Ensure Your Industrial Equipment Installation Business Thrives

Customers and end-users are always looking for the same thing when it comes to the installation of their industry equipment: quality. Quality of equipment, service and installation are key factors in customer satisfaction and the overall success of your industrial equipment installation business.

The Difference Between Baghouse and Cartridge Dust Collection Systems

With so many diverse industries, facilities and application types, it’s impossible to find a one-size-fits-all dust collection system. Thankfully, there are different types of dust collectors to satisfy those unique needs.

3 Essential Tips for Dealers of Industrial Dust Collection Systems

As an industrial dust collector dealer in today’s demanding supply chain market, it’s important to stay ahead of the game, increase sales, and improve customer relationships.

How much should you budget for an industrial dust collector?

Budgeting for large machines like industrial dust collectors often involves more than just the ticket price of the machine itself. Why?

Why VFDs Are the Smart Choice for Industrial Dust Collectors

What do Dust Collectors, Control Panels, Industrial Fans and Filter Cartridges have in common? They all contribute to creating an efficient dust collector that can solve your dust collection needs.

Why Invest in a Dust Collection System Before Year’s End

Adding a dust collector to your facility may be one of the best investments you can make. Industrial dust collectors:

Winterize Your Facility and Outdoor Industrial Dust Collector to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Season

Reducing dust and maintaining air quality in your facility during the winter months can be more challenging than in the summer months. Opening a window or a door in the summer can help with the airflow in your building.

5 Business Benefits of Buying a Dust Collector

If you’re a business owner at a manufacturing company, there are many reasons why the purchase of an industrial dust collector is critical. 

How Much Does an Industrial Dust Collector Cost?

If you’re a plant manager or business owner, there are many reasons to purchase an industrial dust collector. They improve the health and safety of employees, increase productivity, lead to better product quality, help you meet compliance regulations and help to ensure happier employees. 

How Duct Design Can Affect Dust Collector Performance

It is not uncommon for people to think their dust collector is not working correctly, only to find out that the duct design is the real problem. Properly sizing the dust collector for the application is critical, but the proper duct design ultimately determines whether the final installation meets the dust collection needs. Correctly sized equipment and effective  ductwork...

Control Your Indoor Air Quality With an Industrial Dust Collector

If you’re a plant manager or owner of a manufacturing company, then you understand the importance of keeping all systems and machinery running smoothly, maintaining a safe and clean work environment and ensuring your team is productive, happy and healthy. 

Is Your Industrial Dust Collector Manufacturer up to the Task?

Having challenges with your current industrial dust collector manufacturer’s long lead times? Are you running into quality and customer service issues? Are you consistently dealing with other challenges the vendor’s unable to resolve? Whatever the case, it may be time to look for a new partner.

Dust Collector Safety: 5 Tips for Safe Operation

A dust collection system can be a big money-saver when you consider the advantages of how it affects your bottom line. Operations that produce dust as a byproduct of their processes rely on an industrial dust collection system to:

What Is a HEPA After-Filter and How Does It Help Combat COVID-19?

Keeping the air in a facility clean is a difficult challenge that most industrial businesses face. The air quality directly affects the health and safety of employees, especially when it comes to containing airborne viruses such as COVID-19. There are many things that can be done to control how clean the air is including installing a dust collection system with the appropriate...

Industrial Dust Collector Parts That Will Improve Performance

As a plant manager, you understand the importance of keeping all systems and machinery running efficiently with little to no interruptions. Downtime is not an option, as it leads to lost revenue.

How Do I Know if I Need an Industrial Dust Collection System?

Sometimes the need for an industrial dust collection system in a facility is more obvious than others. Dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals can be floating around in the air, causing issues for your employees as well as your equipment. An industrial dust collection system helps combat this.

Inspection Log & Dust Collector Maintenance Checklist

If you have the right industrial dust collector for your application, keeping it maintained typically requires a small amount of time and money. However, a dust collector does require the regular maintenance and upkeep.

How a Dust-Free Facility Can Affect Your Bottom Line

When there is dust in a facility, most people do not consider how it can be costing them money. It may seem like a minor detail that can be attended to when time permits, but the fact of the matter is a dust collector can positively impact your bottom line while helping to keep your facility dust-free.