How a Dust-Free Facility Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Worker Using Electric Jigsaw to Cut a Board of WoodWhen there is dust in a facility, most people do not consider how it can be costing them money. It may seem like a minor detail that can be attended to when time permits, but the fact of the matter is a dust collector can positively impact your bottom line while helping to keep your facility dust-free.

Importance of Keeping Your Manufacturing Facility Dust-Free

A dust-free manufacturing facility is often run more cost-effectively than a dusty facility. While this may be an obvious statement, it can be difficult to prove why this is true. There is not one measurable component, but there are three factors that should be considered:

  1. Equipment Maintenance
  2. Employee Retention and Efficiency
  3. Safe Working Environment

1. Equipment Maintenance

Many manufacturing facilities have machinery and equipment that need to operate smoothly with few interruptions and sometimes for multiple shifts. If this machinery is not running at the pace it should, it can affect when an order ships to a customer or how the final product turns out.

Maintaining this machinery is of the utmost importance to facility managers as money is lost if the customer doesn’t receive the product how they expect and when they expect it.

So, what does this have to do with a dust-free facility?

If dust accumulates on the machinery or equipment, it can slow the machine, wear down the components or require further maintenance. If the dust is sucked out of the air, it will not accumulate and cause these extra problems.

2. Employee Retention and Efficiency

Nowadays, finding the right person for the right job can be difficult and time-consuming. Losing an employee because of dust particulate in the air can cost you money and affect your bottom line. Keeping the facility dust-free is an easy win with your employees if you install a dust collection system.

Not only will a dust collection system help to retain employees, but it will allow them to work more efficiently. When there is dust present, employees have to battle dirty air conditions, affecting their health and safety.

3. Safe Working Environment

A safe working environment is more important than ever. Breathing in air with dust and debris can be harmful to employees’ health, making the work environment less safe. Keeping the facility dust-free will not only improve the safety of the facility but help to prevent cost from fees from health and safety authorities.

How to Have a Dust-Free Facility

Producing a product requires many processes that create dust. This can’t be avoided. However, a dust collection system can control the dust and help to make a dust-free facility. There are three steps to take to find the best dust collection system for your facility.

Step-1-Conversation-iconStep 1: Research

Do initial research to find out what to consider when choosing a dust collector or let a dust collection company like A.C.T. Dust Collectors, know more about your facility environment and application.


Step-2-Engineer-iconStep 2: Connect with an Engineer

Connect with an engineer to discuss your needs in more detail. When working with us, we have an educated team of engineers with years of dust collection experience.


Step-3-Dust-Collector-iconStep 3: Determine the Right System for Your Facility

The engineering team will recommend a dust collection system that fits your environment and application to provide a solution to help maintain a dust-free facility.


What Is the Advantage of Having a Dust-Free Facility?

In certain industries — chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, metal and woodworking — the air you and your employees breathe in daily can be compromised. Dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals can be floating around in the air, causing issues for your employees, as well as your equipment. A dust collector helps combat this and help to create a dust-free facility.

The benefits of having a dust-free facility are similar to the benefits of dust collectors. A dust collection system works by sucking air in from a given application and processing it through a filtering system so that particulate can be deposited into a collection area. The cleaned air is then either returned to the facility or exhausted to the environment.

This process clears the dust from the air, creating a dust-free facility. While there is an initial cost with purchasing a dust collector, there are many long-term advantages for your bottom line.

A.C.T. Dust Collectors offers solutions for all dust collection needs, and our expert-level team will walk you through purchasing a dust collection system for your specific application. Contact us today to find out more about the importance of keeping your manufacturing facility dust-free.

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