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Unmatched delivery timeline leads to better working environment

A Pennsylvania industrial manufacturer installed a new plasma table in the spring to increase their machining capabilities. However, once production ramped up, a major problem arose.

Texas Manufacturer switches to Central System to allow future growth

Increased production over the last few years lead one Texas customer to purchase multiple units and more recently upgrade to a central system. They reached out to A.C.T. Dust Collectors for the solution with each growth spurt. Texas Nameplate, a 76-year-old family company, has seen its fair share of transformation and growth during its impressive history. President of Texas...

The Perfect Companion for a Fiber Laser

An Ohio importer of fiber laser cutting tables recently sold one of their combo table+dust collectors to their customer in Noblesville, IN. The customer wanted an entire package unit that included the fiber laser cutting table and a dust collector so the unit they were offering seemed to fit the bill.

Five Dust Collectors On The Roof of A Large Manufacturing Plant

A.C.T. Dust Collectors' dealer was approached by a large manufacturing facility in Connecticut in need of several new industrial dust collection systems for a metal working environment. The project was presented to A.C.T. by one of their top dealers to assist with the industrial dust collection and air quality control in the complete build out of an old Cold War era building...

South Carolina Company Finds Needed Solution for Corroded Collector

Recently, a South Carolina company that makes alloys for the aerospace, medical and electronics industries needed to replace their corrosion-ridden dust collector.

Weld Smoke Application with Three Major Challenges

A major mid-western based industrial shredder manufacturer recently invited one of A.C.T.’s dealers, Industrial Air Solution Inc., to design and supply a complete dust collection system for their new facility. The dealer researched the project and was confident they could provide a solution with the help of A.C.T. Dust Collectors, even though it seemed to be a demanding...

Food Processing Application Needing Compliant Dust Collection

Food Processing Dust Collectors A.C.T. Dust Collectors was called in to evaluate the dust collection needs of a large manufacturer of popular snack foods. Their food processing application created dust from ingredients such as sugar and flour which has to be collected for the safety of the employees. This is especially important in the mixing process as sugar dust can be...

ACTion Booth Contains Dust in Industrial Environment for Manufacturer

A national manufacturer of refractory products in New Jersey needed a dust collection system. Refractory materials are used in furnaces, kilns, ovens and other high temperature objects as refractories are resistant to heat. The specific dust collection application was for dust from a material used to put a finish on their products built with refractory materials. The finishing...

Metalworking Dust Collector Contains Smoke for Metal Recycler

A.C.T. Dust Collectors was contacted by a metal recycling customer in Ohio that uses torches to cut large chunks of steel down to smaller sizes, which results in a nasty plume of yellow smoke. All this was done outside. It was an environmental hazard; they had to do something to contain the smoke.

Dust Collector Filters Large Volumes of Air at Metal Fabrication Shop

One of the largest metal fabrication shops in North America, with main operations in Pennsylvania, invested in a major facility upgrade.

TLM Modular Baghouse Offers Compliant Solution

A global manufacturer of honeycomb core structural boards in Michigan needed to make an upgrade to their dust collection system.

Metalworking Dust Collector Clears the Air at Virginia High School

Welding technology programs start at the high school level. Numerous industries rely on the welding trade, proving the investment in welding education has lifelong benefits regardless of the career path. The best learning occurs with hands-on experience. Clean, compliant educational workshops are instrumental in this learning, and welding fume/dust collection systems must be...

Wire Manufacturing Plant Upgrades Metalworking Dust Collector

Recently, a manager at a premier wire manufacturing plant in South Carolina reached out to the staff at A.C.T. Dust Collectors. He was in need of a large industrial dust collection system to replace a smaller unit due to increases in production.

RUBBER APPLICATION: Preventing the Release of Emissions

An international tire manufacturer was experiencing poor air quality. This company has a process where they form rubber so that it can be used to make tires.


A customer in Texas purchased a new fiber laser cutting machine. The machine offers incredible precision and speed but produces an extremely fine dust during operation. The company reached out to A.C.T. Dust Collectors to find a solution to their fiber laser dust collection.

Grinding Application: Filter System Not Performing To Meet Regulations

One of our customers, Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services located in Minnesota is a national commercial flooring company that provides concrete grinders and vac systems for profiling concrete substrates prior to laying a floor.

AMBIENT AIR APPLICATION: More than one dust collection need?

Ambient Air Application: More than one dust collection need?

POWDER APPLICATION: Baghouse or Cartridge Collector?

Recently, a manufacturer for roadway paint in North Carolina reached out to us because their dust collection methods were inefficient. The dust they were collecting was the dust from mixing and melting color dies for paints and plastics. They were mixing the materials in what they call “reactors” and had a cartridge dust collector connected to these units. The dust being...

Laser Cutting Facility Finds Cost Effective and Efficient Solution

Recently, a manufacturer purchased a fiber laser cutting table. The manufacturer was concerned as to how they could best collect the dust. They knew if the dust and fumes were not collected properly

A Specialty Grain Milling Facility with a Dust Collection Need

A few months ago, a specialty grain milling facility reached out to us looking for help with their dust collection need for a newly expanded facility in Illinois. Due to time constraints


A major automotive parts manufacturer in Michigan had a welding operation making an unacceptable amount of fume/smoke, and needed a fume collection system. Time was critical. They needed a quick solution to get an effective filtration system installed before the end of the month. The operations manager and his team had only two weeks to install the equipment. He was losing...

PLASMA CUTTING: A Dust Collection Need In A Mine

Lakehead Constructors were cutting metal with 5 plasma cutters in a mine that was located 2,341 feet (nearly a half mile) below the earth’s surface. They were cutting steel plates that were used in the US Department of Energy’s subatomic particle collections super modules. All this plasma cutting was creating a large amount of dust that was a health hazard. John Lohse decided...

LASER CUTTING: The solution that fits

A valued customer approached us with exactly what we love: a challenging application for industrial air filtration. They were running an enclosed laser-cutting system at a university tech center, near high-traffic classrooms in a compact space.

PLASMA CUTTING: A Customer Looking to Maximize Factory Ventilation

A.C.T. Dust Collectors was contacted by a customer in the northern climate who cuts steel on a plasma table. Plasma cutting is a popular process for cutting steel and is widely used in the manufacturing industry.

LASER CUTTING: Small Space & A Dust Collection Need

A local Minnesota company contacted ACT Dust Collectors with a need to filter the air from a laser cutting table.