Cartridge Dust Collectors Explained

Cartridge Dust CollectorsTwo of the most common types of industrial air cleaning systems are baghouse and cartridge dust collectors.

Dust collectors provide a wide range of benefits. Not only do baghouse and cartridge collectors clear the air, but they also improve employee efficiency, increase employee retention, help ensure a safe working environment and reduce equipment maintenance costs.

But how do you know which one is appropriate for your needs?

In this blog, we’ll discuss cartridge collectors in-depth and highlight the applications for this type of industrial dust collection system.

The Case for Cartridge Dust Collectors

Unlike baghouse dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors use a pleated cartridge filter instead of bags. Because the filters are pleated, they have a larger total filtering surface area per cubic feet per minute (CFM), which reduces the air-to-cloth ratio and size of the dust collector. Cartridge dust collectors are cleaned by a pulse-jet method.

Advantages of Cartridge Collectors

With many types and configurations available, cartridge dust collectors have become the go-to for general filtration needs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Efficiency: Cartridge dust collector filters have near HEPA efficiency, with efficiencies reaching 99.97% at .3 microns.
  • Size: Cartridge dust collectors’ most popular advantage is their quality filtration in a compact size, making them ideal for indoor or small-space operations.

Cartridge Dust Collector Filters

Cartridge collectors do extremely well with very fine dust and lighter loading applications, such as welding, plasma and laser cutting and other fume or smoke applications. There are two types of filters that will cover 95% of these applications:

  • Nanofiber filter: This filter is available in a standard or flame-retardant version and is extremely efficient on very fine particulate.
  • Spunbond polyester filter: This filter is a much heavier/thicker media and is more durable, great for abrasive dust applications.

Using the wrong filter type results in an inefficient dust collector. But choosing the right filter is just part of the equation.

Industrial dust filter change-outs are necessary for the cartridge dust collector to operate at optimum efficiency. Air can’t flow as easily when the filter is full of dust, thus making the dust collector work harder and become less efficient. When the filters are new and clean, air can flow more effectively through the filter as it catches the dust particles. Filter change-outs and regular maintenance result in a dust collector that will operate with less energy and more efficiency, saving both time and money.

In Need of a Cartridge Dust Collector?

A.C.T. Dust Collectors’ cartridge collectors come in a variety of sizes and configurations with the industry-best Nano-Elite media (MERV 15 efficiency rating). These filters remove 99.99% of the particulate from the air stream.

Each one of our cartridge dust collectors is equipped with a venturi-assisted reverse-pulse filter cleaning system and a digital, solid-state pulse control panel. The controls utilize an on-board pressure switch, allowing on-line, on-demand and down-time cleaning. A weatherproof housing protects the controls for a long, trouble-free life. The most popular feature of an A.C.T. cartridge dust collector is the exclusive ACTion-Lock Quick-Release filter door. Only aluminum and stainless steel parts are used in the construction of the door cam and mounting brackets for maximum durability in any environment. The A.C.T. cartridge dust collector can be serviced from outside of the cabinet eliminating confined entry for filter change outs or the need for a pole to fish out filters.

We have manufactured and installed hundreds of dust collectors, including this cartridge collector, which not only helped a metal recycling customer clear the air of weld smoke and fumes but also reduced the energy costs at the plant.

Whether you’re welding, grinding, cutting or sanding, we have an industrial dust collector fit for your specific needs.

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