Unmatched delivery timeline leads to better working environment


A Pennsylvania industrial manufacturer installed a new plasma table in the spring to increase their machining capabilities. However, once production ramped up, a major problem arose.



The downdraft style plasma table was equipped with an exhaust fan only and no dust collection. The exterior doors to the facility were open for additional ventilation. This set up seemed to be sufficient through the spring and summer, but once fall rolled around, they were forced to shut the doors, and that is when the problems began.

The exhaust fan was unable to remove the harmful fumes from the plasma table and their building began filling up with fumes, risking employee health. After many complaints about the breathing conditions, a temporary fix was to have the employees begin wearing PPE (personal protection equipment) masks. This however was just a temporary fix, and not the solution. The fume cloud in the building quickly became such a problem that it was forcing employees to leave and refuse to return to work.

The president of the company remarked it was so bad he could not let his employees work in those conditions, and he was afraid that if he could not find a solution, he would lose valuable employees that would be impossible to replace in the current environment.



A.C.T. Dust Collectors was approached with the following parameters:

  • Enough CFM to properly eliminate the hazardous fumes within the facility
  • Clearing the fumes from the facility to create a better working environment
  • A better working environment would retain the employees
  • Most importantly, a quick delivery


The company reached out to two top dust collector manufacturers, A.C.T. Dust Collectors and Donaldson Torit, to find a quick resolution. A.C.T. Dust Collectors was able to offer an in-stock ACT 4-16 and spark trap that provided the valuable filtration needed to protect the employees, and a 2-week delivery. Our warehouse stocks a variety of brand-new dust collector models and styles – ready to ship to you within weeks of purchase. The competition had longer lead times.

 The ACT 4-16 dust collector was installed on the plasma table in October, and the employees started running plate steel testing and were amazed at its performance. They no longer needed to wear PPE masks and noted they could feel the difference in their chest while breathing. A.C.T. Dust Collectors was able to provide a higher preforming dust collector with competitive pricing, as well as provide an unbeatable lead time.

 A.C.T. Dust Collectors are installed all over North America in many applications. Our experts have the knowledge and skills required to help you resolve the dust problem at your facility in the quickest and most efficient way.  Contact us today to discuss industrial dust collection for your application! 


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