The Perfect Companion for a Fiber Laser

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An Ohio importer of fiber laser cutting tables recently sold one of their combo table+dust collectors to their customer in Noblesville, IN. The customer wanted an entire package unit that included the fiber laser cutting table and a dust collector so the unit they were offering seemed to fit the bill.

Dust collection was key to their process since the laser produced super fine dust, and failure to properly collect the dust could cause expensive problems with the fiber optics. However, after the installation of the fiber laser table and a few months of usage, the end user began having performance issues with the dust collector part of the table combo. The original dust collector from overseas was not achieving enough air flow and had poor filter cleaning, resulting in a shorter filter life.  Ultimately, the customer was unable to use the fiber laser cutting table, backing up their laser application projects.

The importer was on the hook to get his customer up and running again, fast. He needed a solution that was not only effective, but available immediately.  On a mission to find a solution for their customers, he met up with A.C.T. Dust Collectors at the recent FABTECH show in Chicago. FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event of the year. At the trade show that they were introduced to our LaserPack Series. He was able to inspect the LaserPack 6 on the show floor, speak to our territory manager Tony House about the customers needs, and see the high quality of our units. When he learned that the LaserPack 4 and LaserPack 6 units are in-stock and ready to ship immediately, he knew that A.C.T. Dust Collectors had the right solution. 


While attending the trade show in Chicago, we were able to provide a full overview of the LaserPack 6, and highlight the capabilities of the unit which include:

  • Easy Plug-n-Play aspect of the Laserpack 6
  • Compatibility of the LaserPack 6 to their fiber laser
  • Integrated spark trap
  • Small footprint of the LaserPack 6
    • The unit measures 42 inches wide by 58 inches deep
  • Speed of delivery, we have units in stock


A.C.T. Dust Collectors received an order before the end of the 4-day trade show for their Indiana customer that needed a fast, replacement dust collector. Since our LaserPack 6 units are in stock, the unit was delivered to their facility within a matter of days.  With the simple plug-and-play installation complete, the customer was able to get back up and running. The LaserPack  6 solved their customer’s issue immediately.  

Since September, the local importer has ordered three more LaserPack 6 units to use with their fiber laser cutting tables for other customers across the United States. They are no longer purchasing the dust collectors from overseas. To learn more about our LaserPack series, watch this video.


A.C.T. Dust Collectors stocks our most popular size units, including the LaserPack 4, LaserPack 6 and a select few of our cartridge collectors. We call these our QUICK SHIP units. When the competition has lead times of months, we can often deliver in days!

Contact us today to discuss dust collection for your laser or plasma cutting application! 

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