Do Dust Collectors Really Work?

At some point, most industrial shops ask themselves if a dust collector works, and if they really need a dust collector.

The answer is simple. If you run any kind of application that produces dust, dirt, or debris, you need an industrial dust collector.

Why? A dust collection system often has a big impact on a company’s bottom line, as well as the wellbeing and safety of its employees. Operations that produce dust & smoke as a byproduct of their parts producing processes rely on an industrial dust collection system to provide clean air to the workplace while production is run. A dust collector also ensures the health and safety of employees while production is running.

seeing is believing

This video demonstrates how a dust collector works, and why you need one to clear the air. This customer runs a plasma cutting business. As you can see, the smoke from the plasma table is quickly filling up the shop and getting into the attached offices. The smoke is creating an unpleasant environment for the shop workers and office employees alike.

The knowledgeable sales team at A.C.T. Dust Collectors assessed the situation and recommended a LaserPack dust collector. Our laser dust collectors provide a unique and effective solution for removing fumes and smoke, as well as filtering dust and other particles from your facility. After the A.C.T. LaserPack8 is installed and running, you can immediately see the difference – no smoke. The proof is in the air! There is no smoke in the shop, and no smoke in the offices.


A.C.T. Dust Collectors offers dust collection systems for a wide range of applications. Our dust collectors are made in the U.S.A. and ready to ship. The competition has long lead times and takes several weeks to ship, whereas A.C.T. Dust Collectors can have your brand-new dust collector to you within a few days!

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