Comparing Top Manufacturers of Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Comparing Top Manufacturers of Industrial Dust Collection SystemsChoosing the right industrial dust collection system for your facility can be overwhelming because there are so many machines and manufacturers on the market. How do you know which dust collector to choose for your facility? What are the advantages of choosing A.C.T. Dust Collectors?

At A.C.T. Dust Collectors, we’re here to guide you along your search to help narrow down your options and share how our industrial dust collection systems stand out from the competition.

Comparing A.C.T. Dust Collectors to Competitors

There are several reasons why customers consider us a top manufacturer in the dust collection industry. Learn more about our distinctions below, and how we compare to competitors.

We manufacture downward airflow pattern dust collectors, while most competitors manufacture upward or cross-draft air pattern dust collectors.

Our dust collection systems use a downward air pattern. In a downflow dust collector, the airflow moves vertically downward. The contaminated air is drawn in from the top of the collector then moves downward towards the hopper where some dust can drop out and then passes through the filtration system where the remaining particles are collected. The clean air then exits out the back of the dust collector. 

Some of our competitors use an upward air pattern dust collector, where the airflow moves vertically upward. Contaminated air enters from the bottom of the collector and flows upward through the filtration system. Clean air is discharged from the top of the collector.

Some of the benefits of using a downward airflow collector are better online filter cleaning, better fall out of particulate in the air stream, longer filter life, and their efficiency at capturing fine particulate matter.

Our filters are serviceable from the outside of the dust collector with ACTion-Lock Quick Release Filter Doors, while most competitors don’t have these capabilities.

A.C.T. filters are serviceable from outside of the dust collector and without the use of any tools. Our filter access door is second to none in the industry. It has an offset cam handle that lifts up to access filters — no twisting of knobs and no confined space entry permits. For other manufacturers, long rods or tools are typically required to remove filters.

Our machines also don’t have an internal filter support mechanism, called a filter yoke, which can become an obstruction to the filter cleaning process. There is nothing in the center of our dust collectors, which gives them a clean, unobstructed pulse, and in turn, an ideal filter-cleaning system. We also support our filters externally, which ties the front of our dust collector to the back of our dust collector, giving it rigidity, strength and a more consistent seal.

We manufacture both cartridge and baghouse dust collection systems, which gives customers a wider range of choices to meet their specific applications.

When you are researching dust collection systems, it is important to consider the specific needs of your facility and how different dust collectors are better suited for certain applications. We offer both cartridge dust collectors and baghouse dust collectors to cover a range of industries and applications. Some of our competitors only offer cartridge systems.

Cartridge dust collectors are primarily used for fine dust applications such as welding, smoke and fume, plasma, flame spray, metal spray, grinding and sanding and pharmaceuticals.

Baghouse dust collectors are used for larger particulates and loading, like in woodworking applications. For laser cutting, we also offer LaserPpack collectors, specific to this application.

Other manufacturers often only carry cartridge dust collectors, but this limits options when particulate is larger and the loading is extreme. We worked with a manufacturer of roadway paint in North Carolina that contacted A.C.T. because they found cartridge filters were ineffective for their needs and were also costly. Our team evaluated the application and determined a baghouse collector would work better for their specific needs. Not only does A.C.T. offer different types of dust collectors, we work with you to determine the right fit for your needs.

We have a unique, quick-ship program that satisfies rush customer demands.

We have dust collectors in stock and are ready to ship now! Our warehouse stocks a variety of models and styles — ready to ship to customers within 10 days of purchase. Most competitors have long lead times and take several weeks or months to ship, whereas A.C.T. will have a brand-new dust collector as a ready-to-install package, to customers quickly.

Our customer service support team is unmatched.

Our sales support team takes control as soon as a sale is made. We communicate with customers about shipping dates as well as updates throughout the order process. It’s guaranteed that customers can always follow up with a member of our sales support team. We also have technical support available by phone or LiveChat 24/7.

We work with dealers with local expertise.

Our dealers evaluate each job from engineering, design and installation perspectives. Often, we hear from customers who need more guidance in executing the specific system for their facility. That’s where our dealers come in. They show up on-site and can design the dust collector you need and perform the installation of the system. We see every job through from beginning to end. We have certified installation dealers to assist customers throughout America, Canada and Mexico.

We’re constantly seeking ways to offer the best in industrial dust collection systems.

Research and development are extremely important to A.C.T. in our ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of industrial dust collection technology. Our knowledgeable team is constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers’ needs through product development and innovative technology. We have some exciting developments in the works that we can’t wait to share!

We are often told by customers who work with bigger manufacturers that service and product quality are not up to par with their expectations. It’s why they switch to A.C.T. When comparing industrial dust collector manufacturers, be sure to consider every aspect of their business.

If you’d like to work with us or want to learn more about our systems and solutions, request a quote today!