How Do Pulse Clean Systems Work?

Revers Pulse Filter Cleaning SystemA reverse pulse (often called a pulse jet or reverse jet) filter cleaning system is a simple action that has significant results.  A simple explanation of a reverse pulse filter cleaning system is as follows: in normal dust collector operation, air flows from the outside of the filter media to the center of the filter.  The dust is filtered out and left on the outside surface of the filter.  To clean off this dust, a blast of compressed air is shot down the center of the filter and works outward taking the dust off of the surface of the filter.  In a downflow dust collector, such as an A.C.T. dust collector, the dust is captured by that downward airflow and eventually deposited in the collection bin. 

A few things to consider:

  • A filter cleaning system does not mean that your filters will never need to be changed.  It will significantly extend your filter life but they will still need to be changed.
  • Turning up the pressure of your compressed air does not mean you will get a better pulse.  Too much pressure can damage your filters and result in smaller pulse curve.
  • For best results use dry compressed air.

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How Do Pulse Clean Systems Work?            How Do Pulse Clean Systems Work?            How Do Pulse Clean Systems Work?