Applications - Food Processing

Many people think of dust collection systems mainly being used for metal working and wood working applications.  They do not consider the operations that take place to make the food we eat such as food processing applications.  Ingredients as common as sugar, flour, and spices are made through methods that create dust and that dust is explosive! 

In food processing, the fine particles from mixing and blending are released into the air as the ingredients are processed and packaged.  In a recent sugar substitute application, we tested the dust and found that it was explosive.

A.C.T. Cartridge Dust Collectors well as the TLM Baghouse Dust Collectors are designed for food processing application like this.  Many of our customers have installed our systems to capture dust from flour, spices and sugar substitute applications.  Chemical explosion suppression systems are available to help detect a pressure wave of an explosion and inject sodium bicarbonate that takes the flame out of the explosion.  

The team at A.C.T. Dust Collectors can help you determine whether a baghouse or cartridge unit is best for your application.  There are many factors that can make one option more efficient for food processing applications than others.  Click here to learn about the differences of a baghouse verse cartridge collector.

At A.C.T. Dust Collectors, we understand you need the right food processing dust collection system in place to handle air filtration and meet the current application and long-term needs. We have the experience and history to meet the requirements of your food processing applications operations. We design, engineer and manufacture new industrial dust collectors to help you process and make ingredients efficiently, on time and below budget. Ensuring the safety of you and your employees is critical. Our Nano-Elite filters remove 99.9% of the particulate from the air stream. The cleaned air is then directed to the location of your choice, either returned to the facility or exhausted to the environment.

We’ve been offering the ultimate in air solutions for more than 20 years; you can count on us to fulfill your dust removal needs. We can assist with application questions, drawings, layout, and product customization. Custom designed and built systems are common, and our engineering team can help you find the right dust collectors for abrasive blasting. Call us today at 763-557-7162.

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