How do I know if I need a dust collector in my facility?

How do I know if I need a dust collector in my facility?

Sometimes the need for a dust collector in a facility is more obvious than others.  Dust collection systems are very important to the health and safety of your employees so it’s imperative that action is taken when a dust collector is needed.  There are a few red flags that indicate when there is a need for a dust collection system.

  1. Can you see smog or a cloud of dust in the work area? If dust particles are gathering to form clouds of dust there is a need for dust collection.  A quick test:  Pick a given sign and try to read it from 10-12 feet way.  If it is difficult to read and your vision is blurred a cloud has formed creating a need for dust collection.

  2. Is there a need to “air out” the work area? When the air feels dirty to the employees they tend to cough or deal with chronic respiratory illness.  Sometimes to prevent this, the employees open the doors to “air out” the work area.  This creates other problems such as high HVAC bills due to regulating the temperature of the facility.  A quick test:  Calculate how many hours the doors and windows are being opened to "air out" the facility.

  3. Are the HVAC air vents and filters continually clogged with dust? If dust is collecting in the heating and cooling vents, there is a need for dust collection.  The filters and vents are built to collect moderate amounts of dust but they should not be continually clogged.  A quick test:  Monitor how often the filters are changed on the heater and air conditioners.

  4. Are pieces of equipment in the warehouse or work area covered with a thick layer of dust? If there is a dust build up on machines or equipment that has been cleaned within the past 1-2 days, there is a need for dust collection.  A quick test:  Clean a flat surface in the warehouse.  Check the surface after 1-2 days to see if there is a major dust build up.

It is important to watch the need for a dust collection system.  Some particulate is so small that it cannot be seen by the naked eye.  When your employees are breathing a lot of dust particles it is dangerous to their health and can cause respiratory harm.

At ACT Dust Collectors, we offer solutions for all dust collection needs.  Our team will assist in choosing the perfect system for your dust collection needs.  Call us today!

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