PLASMA CUTTING: A Customer Looking to Maximize Factory Ventilation

PLASMA CUTTING:  A Customer Looking to Maximize Factory Ventilation

A.C.T. Dust Collectors was contacted by a customer in the northern climate who cuts steel on a plasma table.  Plasma cutting is a popular process for cutting steel and is widely used in the manufacturing industry.  Due to the exposure to Hexavalent chromium, also called hex chrome, during plasma cutting dust collection is a must.

Our customer was looking to maximize factory ventilation in the summer, but needed to conserve heat in the winter.  The diverter was an excellent feature to incorporate with an A.C.T. Dust Collector to control the return air.  This device is sometimes called a Summer/Winter Damper.

If dirty air is pulled from the factory, and filtered air is discharged outside, it will cause the building to be under negative pressure, unless air is entering to the facility a different way.  Open doors and windows can make this air up, but it lets in cold air during the winter, and creates an uncomfortable work environment for your team.

To solve this, A.C.T. Dust Collectors worked with the customer to include the diverter, which directs filtered air back to their building during the winter, conserving valuable heat.   During warm days, when outside air is preferred, the diverter is switched to discharge outdoors, and bring in fresh air.  The combination gives our customer the best environment for their team, while saving energy costs all winter long.