What is an Air-to-Cloth Ratio and How Do I Calculate It?

Dust Collector Filter from A.C.T. Dust CollectorsAlso referred to as an air-to-media ratio, an air-to-cloth ratio quantifies the amount of air going through one square foot of filter media. It is often used as a simple way to state the ratio between CFM and square feet of filter area. For example, if a dust collector was moving 4,000 CFM and had 2,000 ft² of filter area, we could say that it had a 4,000-to-2,000 ratio. This can be simplified to a 2:1 air-to-cloth ratio. So, to calculate an air-to-cloth ratio for a dust collector, we take the amount of airflow (CFM) and divide it by the amount of filter area within a dust collector.

Why is it important?

It is one of the more important factors in determining how long a filter will last in a given application. Although there are many factors that come into play when determining filter life, air-to-cloth ratios can give good guidance when determining the size of dust collector required for a given amount of air. A lower air-to-cloth ratio will result in longer filter life and is often used in nuisance applications, while a higher air-to-cloth ratio will result in shorter filter life and is often used when dust loading is very light.

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