Maintaining Filters

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Maintaining Filters

The filters are key to the performance of a dust collection system. It is important to know the different methods used to clean filters and when the filters should be replaced.

There are typically three different types of filter cleaning systems.  There is a shaker system, pulse jet system and reverse flow system.  Shaker systems and pulse jet systems are used in cartridge or baghouse dust collectors. A shaker system is generally used for an intermittent use dust collector where as a pulse jet system is used for a production dust collector.  Reverse flow systems are used in baghouse dust collectors only.

Many dust collectors have an automatic pulse cleaning system which will clean the filters with compressed air.  It is important that the filters are cleaned with dry and clean air. Some dust collectors, such as A.C.T. Dust Collectors, have a down-time clean feature which will automatically clean the filters at the end of every shift.  In addition to this, they have online cleaning capabilities based on pressure differential or continuous cleaning. 

When do filters need to be replaced?

Filters should be checked on a regular basis.  Filters can be monitored in a few different ways.  The first indication of the condition of the dust collector filters is the pressure differential gauge.  This reading is a direct reading of how dirty the filters are.  Generally, if the gauge reads higher than 6”, it is time to replace the filters.   Although this may vary in some applications, we suggest using this as a guideline.   Once the pressure rises above these numbers there could be a drop in air flow.  Changing your filters regularly will help sustain good airflow and good air quality.

In addition to the filter gauge, human senses will also help monitor the filters.  If there is dust coming out of the exhaust of the fan or a difference in the smells in the air, there may be a hole or a bad seal in or around the filter.  When the filters are plugged or dirty, there may be a loss of airflow which will result in the dust escaping the source.  If the dust appears to be escaping, this is an indication that the filters need to be replaced.

When replacing filters, we recommend OEM replacement filters.  Higher quality filters provide a guarantee for better performance.  Be careful when selecting filters as the low cost imitation filters will not perform as well as an OEM replacement filter.  The team at A.C.T. Dust Collectors is willing to offer recommendations for replacing filters.

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