Should I collect my dust at the source, or can I filter ambient air in my plant?

Ambient air is defined as the atmospheric air in its natural state.  Many manufacturing facilities have stagnant air which can hold small dust and fume particles.  This air can be hazardous for humans to breathe.  It can also get caught in the filters of the HVAC systems causing increased costs for heating and cooling.  In addition, this dust and particulate can settle in other equipment causing expensive maintenance issues.  It is important that the dust is properly collected and filtered. 

It can be difficult to collect fume and dust particles from ambient air.  Ambient air applications require a dust collection system that can clean the air in a vast area, unlike source capture applications where the air is confined to a small area.  To filter the ambient air properly, the air volume needed is calculated based on the volume of the area to be cleaned.  The air volume calculations are then used to determine the size of the system needed.

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A.C.T. Dust Collectors offer the ultimate in air filtration. Whether your application includes welding smoke, grinding dust, cutting table fume, shot blasting, sanding, thermal spray, coating, bulk powder handling or any process that generates dust, we have the solution.

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