Woodworking Dust Collection Systems

Nearly every woodworking operation requires some form of dust collection. Ranging from fine sanding dust to large molder chips, wood dust can be quickly and efficiently captured for either disposal or reuse. Using effective inlet design, bag filters, and pulse clean, ACT Baghouse Dust Collectors can handle most woodworking applications.

A.C.T. Dust Collectors have been installed in hundreds of processes, capturing dust from numerous woodworking operations. The A.C.T. TLM Series Baghouse has risen to an industry leader using an exclusive hinged filter access door, swing-away blowpipe design, and tool-free bag filter access system. Maintenance no longer requires confined space entry, and bags are accessed from the clean side for easy changing. Contact our woodwork dust collector experts to learn how the A.C.T. baghouse can transform your dust collection needs.

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A.C.T Dust Collectors

A.C.T. Dust Collectors offer the ultimate in air filtration. Whether your application includes welding smoke, grinding dust, cutting table fume, shot blasting, sanding, thermal spray, coating, bulk powder handling or any process that generates dust, we have the solution.

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