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Industrial duty dust requires an industrial duty dust collector —
ACT Dust Collectors are the solution!

ACT Dust collectors are quality built in the United States to stand up to your rugged manufacturing environment. From small jobs to large jobs, the dust systems of ACT Dust Collectors are designed to handle many applications including welding smoke, grinding, cutting tables, blast applications, sanding, thermal spray, coating, bulk powders and many more processes.

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Whether you are using steel shot, grit, aluminum oxide, crushed glass, garnet, coal slag, or numerous other blast media your process makes dust. Dust in the air is harmful to your employees and slows down efficiencies.
Thousands of industrial environments create airborne particles, ranging from sub-micron size smoke to large chunks of plastic, paper, or wood. Some dust is hazardous, and presents a safety issue. Other dust reduces visibility, and needs to be removed.
Laser/Plasma Cutting creates a major source of fume, smoke and dust. Many cutting systems include integrated duct ports to connect dust collection to. The critical specifications of the system include air-to-cloth ratio and total draw required.
Numerous pharmaceutical operations create airborne particles. Fluid bed drying, tablet making, pill coating and drying processes are just a few.
Thermal Spray / Metallizing is a demanding application for dust collection and the A.C.T. Dust Collector is the solution. The ultra-high efficiency NanoElite filters capture smoke, fume, and dust and deliver air which you can return to your work environment.
Weld smoke and fumes are a leading source of air contamination in a metal fabrication facility. Some welding applications such as galvanized metal or stainless are very harmful, and must be captured.
Nearly every woodworking operation requires some form of dust collection system...

9,365,800 cfm filtered by A.C.T. Dust Collectors worldwide!

A.C.T Dust Collectors

A.C.T. Dust Collectors offer the ultimate in air filtration. Whether your application includes welding smoke, grinding dust, cutting table fume, shot blasting, sanding, thermal spray, coating, bulk powder handling or any process that generates dust, we have the solution.

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