DCF 22711 Nano-Elite Flame Retardant Filter

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A.C.T. Dust Collectors Filter O.E.M. Cartridge Filter

A.C.T. Dust Collectors prides itself in offering the highest quality O.E.M filters for their cartridge collectors. The primary function of a dust collector is to collect dirt, dust, contaminates and small particulates, which gather on the surface of the filters. Dust will accumulate on the surface of the nano-elite fiber filter, reducing depth loading, and is cleaned off during the pulse cleaning cycle. Nano-Elite filters last significantly longer than other filters. Longer filter life produces cost savings in frequency of filter changes as well as reducing operation downtime for filter change outs. 

  • Premium Quality Filter Media
  • Flame retardant coating
  • MERV 15
  • 254 Sq. Foot of Media
  • Loading Dust: ASHRAE
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Structural Elements
  • Shape: Round
  • Open/Open
  • Gasket Top


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