Metalworking Dust Collector Clears the Air at Virginia High School

Metalworking Dust Collector Clears the Air at Virginia High School

Welding technology programs start at the high school level. Numerous industries rely on the welding trade, proving the investment in welding education has lifelong benefits regardless of the career path. The best learning occurs with hands-on experience. Clean, compliant educational workshops are instrumental in this learning, and welding fume/dust collection systems must be put in place.

Recently, a high school in rural Virginia completed the addition of a new wing. It added numerous rooms that would be used for workshop/welding technology classes. One of the rooms, called “The Grinding Room,” had eight grinders for metal grinding courses. While planning for the addition, it was clear that an industrial dust collection system would be required. 

The grinding of metal creates a fine dust that can be difficult to collect with portable units. A central dust collection system for metal grinding needed to be operational before the project’s completion deadline. A school representative remembered seeing an A.C.T. dust collector installed at another high school. After receiving a positive recommendation from that school’s welding instructor, the Virginia high school representative suggested to his planning committee to contact A.C.T. Dust Collectors for a quote. Our team worked with the school to come up with the best metalworking dust collection solution for its addition.

Detail and thought were put into the A.C.T. industrial dust collection system, including a spark arrestor. The probability of the grinders sending sparks into the collector required a spark arrestor, which was recommended along with an ACT 2-4 Dust Collector.

A.C.T. Dust Collectors not only tailored the dust collection system to the application, but our cartridge collectors and enormous stock of standard components allowed us to meet the school’s tight time constraints without a problem. The system was delivered, installed and operational on time. The school is happy with how the system is working and said it would recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

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