Grinding Application: Filter System Not Performing To Meet Regulations

action booth dust collector installed in grinding facility

One of our customers, Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services located in Minnesota is a national commercial flooring company that provides concrete grinders and vac systems for profiling concrete substrates prior to laying a floor.


At Inside Edge, the equipment they offer is brought to their facility for routine cleaning and maintenance. They bring it in to a 10' x 8' room for robust cleaning and spray down which produces a lot of dust and debris. Once the machines are thoroughly cleaned, maintenance is performed and the machine is ready to go out to a job site. The ventilation and filter system in their original "equipment cleaning room" was not performing to their expectations and was not meeting regulations.

The service manager at Inside Edge, knew improvements were needed. He reached out to the team at A.C.T. Dust Collectors to schedule a visit to evaluate the process and determine the best solution.



After a site visit, the A.C.T. engineering team worked together to come up with the best solution. Because it was a defined space that the dust was being produced in, the concept of a booth collection system was a great option. An A.C.T. ACTion Booth Power Module with a HEPA after filter was recommended to replace the existing fan and filter system.

The versatile ACTion Booth system works in a range of dust applications. The team at A.C.T. Dust Collectors was confident this unit would meet the need as well as increase effectiveness in the cleaning process. The ACTion Booth power module provides maximum efficiency at all work heights as it has one of the largest louvered collection doors in the industry.



The equipment cleaning room was reconfigured and an ACTion Booth Power Module was installed shortly after that. Steve at Inside Edge reports, "This system is unbelievable. Our cleaning time per machine has been reduced by over 50%. A.C.T. has been great to work with from the initial site visit, installation of the equipment and employee training. We are very happy with the results!"

action booth dust collector installed in grinding facility

Dust collection systems from A.C.T. Dust Collectors are installed all over North America in many applications. Our experienced team has the knowledge and skills required to help you resolve the dust problem at your facility using the most quick and efficient method for your plant. Discuss your dust collection needs with the engineering team at A.C.T. Dust Collectors today.

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