Central System vs Portable Units

Central System vs Portable UnitsAre you one of those companies with numerous portable dust collectors sprinkled throughout your operation?  We can help you determine what type of dust collection your facility needs as it is an important calculation to get right.  There are reasons that a central dust collection system can give you a better result. 

Central dust collection systems have longer filter life compared to the filter life of numerous portable units.  Pulse cleaning a portable dust collector is often done manually meaning that a person has to hit a pulse clean button regularly to clean the system.  If the pulse cleaning process is not carried out, the filter life is shortened.  Central dust collection systems have automatic pulse cleaning systems.  The filters are cleaned when the system senses they are dirty which in turn, helps make the filter life last longer.  Central systems maintain consistent airflow for a longer period of time than portable units, increasing efficiency.

At ACT Dust Collectors, central systems are designed and manufactured to be located in the most demanding environments, and are often placed outdoors.  This saves indoor manufacturing space compared to portable systems that use valuable space near the operation.  One central system can replace multiple portable systems which are using valuable floor space.  In addition, positioning a portable collector every time it’s required becomes inconvenient for the technician.  This has resulted in many of them becoming abandoned in the corner.  With a central system, it’s always working and never has to be repositioned.  

From small jobs to large jobs, central dust collection systems are designed to handle many different applications including welding smoke, cutting tables, blast applications, thermal spray, coating, and more processes.  Portable dust collection systems are typically for smaller volume fume/smoke collection.   Central systems give you the versatility to design around different volumes of dust and air-to-cloth ratios, as your needs require.   A central system will capture your dust, and discharge safely into one location of containment.

ACT Dust Collectors offers a wide selection of premium central systems.  Our central systems will help keep filter maintenance at a minimum and costs down.  Application-specific systems designed and built with the specs you need, and the highest standard of quality and construction – right here in the USA!  

Choose from our wide variety of central dust collection systems to keep the air your staff is breathing safe!

Contact the sales team at ACT to discuss your dust collector needs today!

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