Avoiding Dust Collector Fires

Dust collector fires appear in the news frequently; ACT Dust Collectors doesn’t want you to become the next headline!

Dust Collector fire from Improper Use with aluminum dust

In the above picture, a competitor’s dust collector was filtering aluminum dust.  Aluminum dust is very explosive in certain situations.  The pictured dust collector caught on fire at a Kawasaki plant in Morristown, TN.  Just from the photos it is apparent that this dust collector was not compliant with NFPA regulations.

ACT Dust Collectors offers accessories to help comply with NFPA 484 and other applicable codes.  Some proper dust collector isolation techniques include, but are not limited to: air locks on the hoppers, explosion vents, explosion isolation valves, and chemical suppression or isolation.  Make sure your company is keeping your dust collectors, your building, and most importantly your employees safe!

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