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Agricultural dust is a vast category covering feed, grain and seed processes; all of which need dust collection. Grain dust is important to control to ensure facilities are kept clean and compliant for sustainable operations. Grain and seed sizes vary as well as the texture – fine, small, abrasive, sticky, fibrous or oily; even volatile. Heavy loading requires heavy duty equipment for handling the feed & grain industry.

The application process can include:

  • Silos
  • Conveyors
  • Transfer points
  • Loading and unloading of trucks, rails, and ships
  • Bin vents
  • Grinders
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Pellet mills
  • Bucket elevators
  • Dump pits
  • Grain cleaners
  • Sifters and sorters

The health of your employees during all of the grain application processes must be considered as well. Prolonged exposure to grain dust without proper filtration can lead to asthma, chronic bronchitis or other respiratory issues.  Grain dust should be regarded as a dust with toxic properties targeting your employees.

Due to the extreme combustibility of grain dust, precautions must be taken to prevent fire and explosion possibilities. OSHA has very specific agricultural dust standards. Please refer to OSHA: Grain Handling Standard (29 CFR 1910.272). To be compliant, all grain dust and ignition sources must be controlled.

Dust collection systems in this process will filter the debris and dust particles. Bin Vents are designed for the dust that forms at the top of storage containers being filled by a conveying system. Baghouse collectors offer a different approach, whereas the dust-laden air enters the bottom of the collector and flows upward through the bag filters.

Depending on your specific application need based on the bulk material, A.C.T. Dust Collectors can offer two effective collector styles: Bin Vent Collectors and ARB Series Baghouse Collectors to combat this type of combustible dust. Each style of collector offers its own solution for grain dust control.

A.C.T. Bin Vent Collectors are small, compact units that specialize in pairing with silos or storage bins. Whereas the ARB Series Baghouse Collectors, a more traditional collection system, are the industry standard for heavy loading. Our experts are available to discuss your application needs concerning this challenging dust.


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