The Benefit of Buying a Dust Collector Built in the USA

The Benefit of Buying a Dust Collector Built in the USAThere are many different reasons for choosing to buy American-made products, including Dust Collectors. US jobs, less carbon footprint, less pollution, and quality. One of the main reasons for a dust collector is TIME.

The time factor is important if your company is down, facing an OSHA or EPA violation or you have a time limit on the extra capital to buy the unit itself. If you purchase a dust collector from an overseas manufacturer, more times than not the unit will have to be ordered, built, and then shipped all the way across the ocean. That could add weeks or months to the delivery time of your unit.

ACT Dust Collectors are built to order and once completed, they are shipped out with only a 3-5 day freight time.

Not only are the ACT Dust Collectors built in the USA, we also keep a five of our most popular units (brand new) in stock. We call these our “ACT NOW” units  and can be ready to ship within 3 days of purchase from our headquarters in New Ulm, Minnesota. In the new dust collector world, that is fast; typically lead time is between 6-20 weeks.

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