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Finding the right dust collection system for your air quality need can be difficult.  While finding the correct size is important, the ongoing maintenance cost must also be considered closely.  It can be hard to calculate the real cost of a dust collector. 

The cost of replacement filters has many variables and requires a breakdown of the specifications.  To get a better understanding of the cost of filters, we conducted a cost analysis comparing an ACT-12 Cartridge filter to a competitors (Company F) 8 Cartridge unit, which is a comparable capacity.

We priced out a filter from ACT Dust Collectors and a filter from Company F.  ACT’s standard Nano-fiber cartridge filter is 254 square feet of media and is priced at $141 per filter. Company F’s filter is larger, with 325 square feet of media and priced at $360 per filter.  

After reviewing the numbers closer, Company F's filter is double the price but not double the media. The ACT 12 cartridge unit also holds an overall larger amount of filter media. More filter media equates to more filter life.  As shown in the tables below, ACT’s filter turns out to be the better deal!


Filter Media Area


Cost per Sq Ft of Media

ACT’s Filter

254 sq. ft.



Company F’s Filter

325 sq. ft.





Number of Filters

Total Amount of Media

Cost for full change out

ACT Unit


3048 sq. ft.


Company F’s Unit


2600 sq. ft.


At ACT Dust Collectors, we offer ACT Nano-Elite Nano-Fiber media filters with a Merv 15 efficiency rating (best in the industry).  Our filters can capture 99.8% EFF @0.5Micron- If installing a Hepa filter the Hepa Filter itself will capture 99.97% EFF @0.3 Micron.  Reach out to ACT Dust Collectors for all your air filtration needs today!

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