ACTion Booth Series

Industrial Air Filtration Made Easy With ACTion Booth Series

One of the most versatile systems for industrial air filtration is the ACTion Booth industrial dust collection system.

The unique design combines heavy-duty construction with a multifunction design that is customizable to meet your workspace needs and CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements. Simply position the ACTion Booth industrial air filtration system at the back of your work area, assemble the walls and roof and set up your work area. Our booth walls have no internal flanges for a smooth finish. This smooth finish promotes good airflow through the booth and minimizes the chance for dust to settle out of the airstream.

Our optional return air system provides an extra push where heavier particulate is being generated. The return air system comes with a bleed-off damper for better control of your airflow through the booth. The dirty air is drawn into the oversized inlet, which has vertical, spark-arresting louvers to evenly distribute incoming, dirty air while providing velocity reduction for heavy material separation and longer filter life.

The ACTion Booth Power Module features an integral blower motor that is surrounded with noise attenuation material for quiet operation. Clean air is returned out the top of the ACTion Booth industrial dust collection system and recirculated back to your factory. High-efficiency vertical cartridge filters capture the dust, while an automatic pulse clean system helps extend the filter life for sustained airflow and lower maintenance costs.


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